Indusol is a custom formulator of vinyl plastisols and powders. We are located in Sutton, Massachusetts.

        We custom compound each formulation to meet our customer's specifications. We service a wide variety of industries serving the automotive, textile, toy, medical, tool, construction, and recreational markets.Vinyl plastisol is an easy-to-use plastic material that many industries, from toy to automotive, have used. It is a liquid that fuses (becomes solid) when heat is applied.

A superior material, vinyl plastisol produces luxurious parts that, depending upon formulation and molding process, can be made to look and feel like leather, if that's what you want. Vinyl plastisol is light and heat stable, resistant to oil and water and very durable.

Vinyl plastisol is flexible - it may be used in many molding processes: hot dip, cold dip, slush, rotational molding, open molding and more. Indusol custom compounds each formulation with your molding process in mind.

If color matching is required, we exactly match your formulation to your color specification, (important for automotive interiors applications.) We can adjust the gloss level and viscosity. Custom-compounding is our specialty.

Vinyl plastisol is also cost effective. It comes out ahead of many alternate materials, especially considering low scrap rates achieved by process-minded formulation, excellent batch-to-batch uniformity and low tooling costs.

And vinyl plastisol is safe. It is important today to keep changing environmental concerns in mind as well as the evolving needs of customers. Indusol leads the industry in the elimination of ingredients that may be harmful either during the processing of the material or in a product's end use.

Indusol's R&D staff continually explores ways to improve the performance of its vinyl plastisols, such as reducing fogging in automotive interiors applications. Its technical staff is on hand to assist you with your formulating and processing questions.